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About Us - Who we are

Dominic Foyster

My Dental Engineer

  • We offer you a team of highly qualified, specialist dental engineers, at competitive rates
  • We support all major brands of dental equipment, and we are a telephone call away
  • We supply and install dental surgery equipment, browse our site for our products
  • We are HPA qualified and registered, we are an approved NHS supplier

  • We are manufacturer trained in Cone Beam Dental Technology
  • We offer an extensive range of outstanding quality digital X-ray and imaging products
  • We provide intra-oral cameras and digital radiography products, both intra-oral and panoral
  • All products are fully supported by experienced technical teams to ensure smooth running
  • Friendly practical support will be given to your practice by our skilled trainers

Whether you are looking to maintain your existing equipment, repair, upgrade, or replace to modernise your practice, we are here to help.