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About My Dental Engineer

My Dental Engineer is our engineer company, headed up by Dominic Foyster and we have served the dental industry in engineering since 2000. Dominic is the former UK technical manager of one of Europes' leading dental equipment manufacturer and suppliers.

Dental ChairWe have a team of qualified and experienced engineers available and at your disposal who provide a bespoke solution for your surgery support requirements.

Fully NHS approved, HPA registered and insured we will both service and repair your equipment as instructed. We offer a speedy and effective solution to regular maintenance issues as well as a comprehensive ability to solve those un-expected emergencies.

We count as our clients some of the UK's largest dental supply companies together with some of the largest corporate accounts. We also service equipment for some of the most renowned and respected specialist practitioners as well as general dentists alike.

Click here to contact us or call our engineering hotline on 0843 523 5983