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Monitor display showing Digital imaging

Intra-Oral Dental Cameras

Revolutionise your practice and ability to communicate with patients. Facilitate patient communication and optimise treatment planning and acceptance. Inform your patients and enhance their ability to understand treatment required. All our systems are fully digital

Ewoo Cameras
Features include:
  • Intra and extra oral, macro facility
  • Portrait, smile, half arch, tooth, Auto focus, semi automatic - manual, available as stand alone/table or Port USB, simple crystal clear images Accurate colour rending, water-resistant CE compliant.
  • PC compatible USB 2
  • Light weight handpiece

Durr Vistacam

Durr Vistacam

Durr Vistacam offers fully digital with bright true colours and life like display

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Features include:
  • Extra and intra-oral features as well as macro facility.
  • Light weight handpiece
  • USB, stand alone or built into your unit