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Monitor display showing Digital imaging

Digital X-ray Imaging - instant imaging at a push of a button

There are two types of digital imaging - direct and indirect. Please see below for a short description of each including their features and benefits.

Anysensor Digital imaging

Direct Digital Imaging - Digital X-ray Sensors

Our direct imaging systems include the Vatech EZSensor range of intra-oral sensors and the Vatech Pax series of digital panoral x-ray. Systems are available from simple entry level panoral facilities right through to cone beam technology (CBCT) units allowing 3D imaging which is the ultimate in digital dental x-ray imaging.

Benefits include:
  • Instant display of images
  • Optimized diagnosis
  • Crystal clear images, exceptional definition and sharpness
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Shared use, central location or chairside
  • No dark room, developer, chemicals or mess
  • Cost effective, simple and clean
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Features include:
  • Low noise Hybrid CMOS direct imaging technology
  • High quality high resolution images
  • Integrated with EasyDent imaging software
  • Intra-oral Sensors available in two sizes
  • USB 2.0
  • Complete with parallel position kit
  • Reduced radiation
  • Optimized sensor dimension for maximum comfort

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Indirect Digital

Indirect Digital Imaging - Dental Phosphor Plate Systems

Phosphor plate systems such as the DURR VISTA SCAN offer a simple, cost effective, clean and quick solution to digital radiography.

Benefits include:
  • Images displayed within seconds of processing
  • Chairside or centralised remote location
  • As easy to place as conventional film
  • Compact and neat
  • User-friendly and cost effective
  • Full daylight operation
  • No chemicals, film processor or dark room needed
View our range of indirect digital products
Features include:
  • Phosphor plate technology
  • Multiple size of plates available
  • Compatible with conventional positioning kits
  • Feels and handles almost exactly like conventional film
  • Imaging plates are thin, cordless, reusable and easy to position
  • Software compatibility
  • Dicom compatible