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Dental Equipment - Dental Chairs

Heka Dental adapts quality and design to the individual demands of the client. It is possible to customise the unit to the specification of the dentist from the handpieces, to built in intra-oral cameras, and unit mounted monitors to unit mounted x-rays, as well as standard operating lights to LED operating lights – the possibilities are almost limitless.
Heka Unic

Heka Unic

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Heke Unicline

Heka Unicline

Brochure: Heka Unicline brochure

Heka Mobile

Heka Mobile

UnicLine mobile - from boxes to clinic in less than 15 minutes

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From Box to clinic in less than 15 minutes!

Dental chairs

Dental Ez Chairs

We offer a wide range of Dental chairs and delivery systems to suit every budget, please contact us for further details.

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