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The Vatech PAX Duo3D The ultimate in high quality 3D imaging - 4 selectable volumes. Auto sensor switching to change mode to direct digital panoramic imaging, with selectable programs for the optimum image every time.

Auto-Switching Sensor
  • CT sensor and Panoramic sensor rotate according to imaging function selected.
  • Adaptive Layer Control for panoramic imaging
    • Reduction of blurring due to auto focus function.

    Multi Field of View
    • 5x5cm, 8.5x5cm, 8.5x8.5cm, 12x8.5cm volume - to ensure only the region of interest is exposed.
    • Ensuring lowest possible patient dose everytime.

    Touch Panel LCD
    • Easy operation from the column mounted touch Panel.

    Wheel-chair Accessible
    • Design based on the convience of patients.

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