Imaging Technologies and Axis

dental x-rays and dental imaging specialists

Dental Engineers, Dental Cone Beam X-ray Units, Panoral Dental X-rays, Digital Dental X-rays, Intra-Oral Cameras, Dental Equipment, Dental CT
Monitor display showing Digital imaging

Support and Customer Training

Our dedicated sales, training and technical team are able to listen to your requirements and will
endeavour to fulfil your needs accordingly.

Dental ChairOur training manager has a wealth of knowledge not only of the imaging products available to you but also of dentistry and dental procedures.

Vatech Pax P&PWe will provide you with the correct information to make the digital transition a smooth and pleasant one for your practice.

We understand the importance of your radiographs and images and will endeavour to stay with you until you are happy and confident with your new imaging product.

We offer follow up training support services for the inevitable new arrival of staff.

We see the installation of your new imaging product as the start of a positive relationship, during which we will do all we can to support, train and empower you.

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