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Monitor display showing Direct Digital Imaging

Panoral Xray Generators

PAX Primo

Vatech PAX Primo

The Primo is a superb entry level OPG unit, the image quality cannot be beaten in its class. Multiple imaging progams are available. Very small and simple to use. There is no upgrade path for this machine.


PAX Flex 3D

Vatech Flex 3D

The Flex 3D is an upgradeable machine offering OPG, CT, and Ceph imaging and will grow with your practice. There are multiple OPG programs, a 5x5cm or 8x5cm field of view CT function, and scanning ceph. The sensors are manually changed.


Vatech PAX UNI3D

Vatech PAX UNI3D

The UNI3D is a direct digital OPG with multiple imaging functions, and special programs, as well as 5x5 or 8x5 CT imaging with automatic sensor switching.

This unit can be installed with or upgraded to have flat panel ceph.